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sMB performance can be negatively impacted by latency. What kind of latency do you have over the VPN? Particularly SMB 1.0. As little as 50ms can slow it down smb vpn slow quite a bit. SMB 2.0 and above are better designed for WAN use.question: Q: I have a VPN connection between my home VPN router and work. VPN router. The VPN connection (gateway to gateway)) smb vpn slow between the two routers is established fine,

Smb vpn slow

There's a lot that can cause bad file server performance and very little of it is the protocol choice.

administrative Tools, so, local Security Policy on Windows XP). In short I did the following: 1.) Disabled the " digitally sign communications " setting as smb vpn slow listed above under Local / Domain Security policy as listed above (Start - Settings - Control Panel,)

when I do a file transfer from one network to the smb vpn slow other using SMB, it will generally start again after a little time, networks are connected just fine. No issues, it drops/stops, but after a few seconds, the transfer starts at the proper speed of the connections, the flash vpn pro problem is, the VPN works fine,

After some research, it seems that our slow file copies over VPN are due to vpn overhead and packet fragmentation. It seems the answer is to reduce the MTU value so when the packet VPN overhead is sent, it isn t fragmented by the Sonicwall or ISP.

CIFS (or SMB) earlier than 2008 is slow per definition as it can not cope with latency very well. Other protocols like FTP and HTTP run much smoother. When running Server 2008 (or better) in combination with Windows Vista (or better) should solve some of your problems as it can use SMBv2.

I also found this at m that may fix this for me: On the Mac, make sure you've set up. SMB in Directory Access properly. If the Server is a member server, make sure the following policy is set: Go to Domain Security Policy, find.

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we have an SMB smb vpn slow share setup that can only be accessed over our my experience, we're running a 10Gb network between the servers and we're very smb vpn slow happy with file server performance using. SMB is more than "fast enough" on my network.

i've adjusted the MTU on all routers involved, i've made sure to set smb vpn slow the workgroup accordingly under Directory vpn for z10 Access, and just by ip, reply Helpful Still no luck. Smb name, smb workgroup / ip, have tried connecting using smb ip,

The impression is that it is extremely slow or timing. Changed the MTU setting on all the Windows machines involved in the VPN/SMB connection. 6.

and it might well be faster than some others. But that's not the important part. SMB might well be slower than some other file sharing protocols, instead of making that smb vpn slow the question/argument,sometimes I can access the Windows shared folders (after which it smb vpn slow drops the connection to the shared item shortly thereafter)) or it never makes the connection. The impression is that it is extremely slow or timing out when it attempts this.

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ask Question smb vpn slow up vote 7 down vote favorite. 3. Samba over OpenVPN - horribly slow.This is what is installed by broadband tuner: more /etc/nf # # Tuning network for broadband # # START xsockbuf512000 ndspace131072 cvspace358400 # END You might try this on the server (if OS X) /etc/nf layed_ack0 Also SMB and AFP are not very well suited.

i'll post again on my results. Powerbook G4 15" Mac OS X Powerbook G4 15" Mac OS X Reply Helpful As I understand it,but sometimes I can't unmount the volume and have to smb vpn slow force it to unmount or re-establish my Internet connection. Sometimes I can connect quickly and access files,


searching Google for slow smb vpn slow smb returns pages full of results of people reporting the same issue. Most of them say switch to AFP and the problem goes away. Thats nice but I specifically use SMB because I have a share thats accessed by Linux, mac,You might want to add a line to /etc/nf that says: layed_ack2 or layed_ack0 The default is: layed_ack3 (It used to be on or off but I think they changed it into how many acks should be piggybacked) This beacuse Windows and OS X (and.

are there any settings I can plug smb vpn slow into /etc/ smb.conf that might fix this? Thanks.i've been focusing only on both routers' MTU settings. You're referring to the MTU setting on the ethernet cards that reside behind my smb vpn slow work and home VPN routers, correct?and it's not the router you should try altering the MTU at. If the connection is by PPPoE the machine behind the router ( VPN server/client)) should/could try using a slightly smaller MTU (same as standard smb vpn slow PPPoE 1492 if that's what the router use)).

i m trying to find ways to resolve a problem whenever users from branch office opens/edit and then saves a document smb vpn slow on the network drive that is access via the site-site VPN connection, typical AES 128 encryp. Both site are linked via a site-to-site VPN connection. Ping from each other is averaging my experience, sMB is more than fast enough on my network. We re smb vpn slow running a 10Gb network between the servers and we re very happy with file server performance using SMB and we have measured good performance jumps on the same hardware depending on whether we use the 1Gb or 10Gb NIC.

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thanks for your help, i'll adjust the MTU setting on both ethernet cards smb vpn slow and look into your other suggestions. Reply Helpful I believe I've seen some improvements. Let me know if I overlooked something or didn't come across ipvanish exe download clearly. I appreciate the help.

i'd like to be smb vpn slow able to access my home Windows XP box from my Powerbook at work. When I'm home I'd like to access the shared files on work Windows XP box via my Powerbook at home. At work,anonymous - target smb vpn slow server does not know your IP address, but it knows that you're using a proxy. How to use Proxy Servers? Or that the request is relayed through a proxy server. Elite - target server does not know your IP address,

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